Metered Taxicab Fares

Fares for standard taxicabs and accessible taxicabs

  1. The fare for conveying one to four passengers in a standard taxicab or accessible taxicab is determined as follows:
    1. for the first 72.5 metres or fraction of that distance a basic charge of $3.75
    2. for each additional 72.5 metres or fraction of that distance $0.16;
    3. for each 15 seconds of metered waiting time $0.13;
    4. for traveling to point of call or after discharge of passengers no charge.
  • GST included in fare
  • Driver may ask for fare in advance
  • Maximum of four (4) passengers


Rates work out to approximately $1.71 per Km or $2.02 per mile.

Out of Town Rates:
$2.40 per Km for a one-way trip
$1.42 per Km for a round-trip
$35 per hour for waiting time